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Bharatiya Mandir, Middletown, New York, 10940

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The purpose of the temple is to provide a facility to study, practice, disseminate and enlighten the public in the religious precepts of the Hindu Religion, and to aid people in finding the spiritual unity among all beings. 

We have named this temple the Bharatiya Mandir because many major deities of Hindu religion are enshrined within it.

This is a place where anyone can come and worship their own deity, uplift their souls and achieve peace of mind.

This is a place where one can meditate, sing God's glory and seek desired outcomes.

Feeling overwhelmed by life's mundane pressures, we all come to the Lord's place to attain buoyancy, gain strength to deal with them and come out energized at a spirituallevel.

Our Mandir can be used for our multifarious activities. Monthly satsang, children's yaghyopaveet ceremony, Akhand Paath, Devi-ma's Jaagran, Indian language classes, Hath and Kriya yoga sessions, guest visitations for spiritual discourses and many more cultural activities are a few examples.

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